The Production Team

The Network Entertainment Production team will not only provide custom services
to the talent represented by their public relations and management teams, but
also to individuals within the entertainment industry who are interested in the
services offered by Network. Currently, the Network Entertainment Production
team offers such services as development, creation and maintaining items like
‘zed’ cards, resumes, head shots, postcards, video reels, one sheets (movie
slicks), web sites and calendars. The Network Entertainment Production team will
also pursue purchasing and obtaining the rights to music lyrics, books, and
scripts, while at the same time providing individuals and companies with the
opportunity to purchase or retain these services. The company will exist as a full-
service production entity for radio and television production in both high and low
budget arenas.
The Management Team

The Network Entertainment Management team will provide comprehensive
industry representation for all talent ranging from actors to musical artists to
hosts and models. The Network Entertainment Management team will also
oversee the procurement of sponsorship contracts, talent agency
representation, record label representation, independent producers for such
specialized development projects as: videos, calendars and books. Along with
booking personal appearances for their talent, the highly qualified and
experienced managers of Network will always have an eye on ground breaking
events and work related projects in the entertainment industry for their clients.
The Public Relations & Marketing Team

The Network Entertainment Public Relations and Marketing team’s main objective
is to increase overall capital for Network Entertainment through the acquisition of
potential clients and the servicing of new and existing clients. In an effort to
schedule new business and to heighten the profile of Network and its group of
talent, the publicity and marketing team will complete organized mass mailings,
press releases, email and follow up phone communication. Successful goals in
publicity and marketing also include attending industry related events such as:
The Academy Awards, The Emmy Awards, The Daytime Emmy Awards, The Grammy
Awards, The Billboard Music Awards and many more various entertainment
industry and sporting function.